well i never… since christmas a few nice things have happened. on saturday 15th jan 2011, i went to st. andrews with a friend, compliments of free bus pass for disabled. it was a nice run.  then the bus back to edina took us through methil and kirkcaldy. we popped into anstruther for some world famous fish and chips and mushy peas. yummy. it was a bit chilly eating them on the pier facing the north sea in january. but at the same time.so good to get out after a long snow lying,winter.. i was daft enough to not have my phone set properly, so i didn’t have room for photos coz i was storing them on the phone and not on the memory card. i am a twat.then galashiels at 7pm ish and went to superstore.what bargains at that time of nught,pissed off that i can’t be a regular user of the shop at that time of night on a regular basis.so had a brill day,just as blue monday is fast approaching. well it was on sat. it’s here now apparently.catch yous again ..bye for now xxx

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have not a clue

innocently reading emails and end up with this.dunno who will see it or anything. i am listening to spotify all me starred. hawkwind,the stranglers,take that,aha.duran duran .better go as i just dunnonuffin byeee xxx

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i just wish i had an interesting life to blog about in the 1st place.this week I have been snowbound. not like egg bound,,colder. i am so lucky, good friends and neighbours looking after my needs.needs being milk and chocolate.fruit and nut caramel turkish delight and dairy milk.i have been canceled from a couple of xmas dinners,due to the snow. suppose while i am not fading away to nothing, i should be grateful.the time i have suddnley got was put to good use. draping tinsel around my pics and putting a few of last years xmas cards up so i look like i have friends.i love xmas so it has put me in the mood now.better go and do something useful. eastenders is calling bye for now x

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Hello world!

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Limmy’s Show – Series 1 , Episode 1 [ Part 1/3 ]


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Stoned in Suburbia – Full Documentary -[Part 1/6]


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