cut,cut, cut

i am so wishing i had the ways and means to be able to go on the save our Disability Living Allowance money, protest,that was in London at the weekend. it was an impossible want for  a wheelchair user who canna even do local bus trips unless accompanied by a pusher. As we were too well mannered and incapable of starting trouble,not a mention in the media. The most peaceful protest they have had and no-one even knew it was going on. if my money gets cut as well as all the price rises.

I will be a prisoner in my own home and will be unable to afford to sit and watch tv in the warmth at  home coz i won’t be able to afford the heating bills and  transport costs to get me out as i canna use buses alone and use the WRVS, it’s subsidised but another bill, how good are they for all the help to get out and about. i haven’t had to worry about bills getting paid. i have just enough for a nice comfortable life but no luxuries.enough to live on comfortably without worry about money at all, but things are getting a worry and being in pain all day every day, it was nice to have the central heating on when needed.  , only (if they cut my DLA) have to go cold, as my food bill is getting bigger for smaller.Harder to manage now, but deadly if they cut my dosh. just hope they leave DLA and Income support alone,but the threats say not.

I wish I knew what the assessors will be looking for, I wish I knew where to get some info as to what they will be looking for, for them  to send a human wreck back onto smaller benefits. I am glad I will have help from Momentum Galashiels. The brain Injury place I go to once a week and have really good fun for a day.  That costs for transport to get the  bill paid off my mobility money,see I use it for what’s it was meant to be used for. I just wish my damaged brain could stop making the worry take over my life. I fair am happy,just this scaremongering. Trouble is it’s believable scaremongering.  I’m fair going over it constantly,in my head. trying to work out what I can cut out in my life. it’s not like we mega rich like the bankers and politicians who have gotten away with fucking up all our lives. they dunna even notice my money and they have got away with robbing us, while at the same time cannabis growers,for personal use and help with pain are the spawn of the devil,

I’m getting help with a much needed spring  so that will fair cheer me up,as I just can’t acess the places that need spring cleaning and home carers can’t climb up two steps on a safe ladder to I’m paying for help with stuff i can do and have to get outside help to do high up places. I’d shut up if there was anything good on the tv.cuppa teatime I must not let all this crap stop me loving life and being happy.

I’m on the verge of depression but have had some relaxation lessons and breathing and enjoying now,this moment where there isn’t anything but me and Dougie P and my cat sitting is nice,where i am.Just guessing about the future is not right. i might be as big as Russel Grant,but the future i cannot know.

How did the Tories get in ,eehm by splitting up a ROYAL Burgh, Selkirkshire up and taking away Jeremy Purvis from us and putting him into a seat that don’t know him. I canna believe we in the Scottish Borders are now Tory Twats. Last time I was this worried about money was the Thatcher years. I loved Jeremy Purvis. the bit i dunna understand is i live in a royal burgh and it meant nothing. split a royal burgh up for vote manipulation. That just means that being a royal Burgh and being able to fly the lion rampant flag all means nothing, just for their own gain split us in two.Galashiels now in Midlothian, Tweeddale and Launderette. Royal Burgh gone. What  the devil’s Beeftub is going on here.  Why the fuck didn’t the Media shout loud and tell us what was happening in a way that we understood the seriousness of what was happening it surely would have would have stirred things up,as they do when it suits them. So that we could have told them to get to fuck and leave Selkirk and Galashiels in the same constituency. We are 6 miles away from Galashiels and Midlothian is miles further.GITs the lot of them. Selkirk and Galashiels should be in the same constituancy


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