I’m trying

I got a new lodger a giant white cat with one blue and one gold eye. he weighs a stone which wunna mean nuffin to the youngsters who are speaking a different weights and measures language to mine. he isn’t over weight just huge. he is called Hugo and he is a well’ard cat. he even drew blood of the nice vet. He can be friendly as well. just takes time as i adopted him and he is him,the great unknown. As i am to Hugo. He and Florence only just put up with each others,as is the way with cats.
In my private life things couldn’t be so complicated. I just keep finding people who i think as trustworthy,just more or less every time betray that trust. The worst thing is that i forgive and they do it again. Time to learn the true one’s and the users. It’s turning me into a right loner. I don’t mind being a loner. There is loads to do coz being disabled makes things that are possible,take 7times longer to do than before,so i dunna have time to be bored. I am getting fed up with the pain thing,fed up with the news,fed up with the government getting scared about how hard money is to handle and the fact that it’s getting worse. I’m watching Burnistoun and Limmy’s Show to cheer me’sen up. they are funny. I wish i didn’t feel so empty. All coz of other people. I have to let go of the betrayal coz it’s made me hate me for falling for crap and them for doing it. Bet there will be summin’ on Google to help let go of hatred.
The bit i should be grateful for are the ones in my life who are true. I dunna see my true friends too often as it’s hard getting about. thank goodness for Facebook and the like.Most of my Facebook pals i know in real life and causes. It’s good coz me real life friends and family are there.
Coz Hugo is white i can’t let him get his ears sunburnt as that is a real cancer risk for white cats. It’s a beautiful day and thank goodness him and Florence are fast asleep. coz they are my prisoners when the sun’s oot.
writing this has cheered me up coz it’s made me realise that i do have good friends and this was a hiccup i will have to get over and don’t fall for people using me again. Just wish it was someone who wasn’t on my doorstep. I’ve learned again just like all the other times she has seriously betrayed me loads. i have to stop falling for it and i will get by.
positives in my life, family and friends. cats, where i live, the windy weather,getting by (just),money wise. I am happy at every opportunity. Time for a cuppa. happy May xxx

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